Ep.9> John Hancock Observatory! with Lavazza

John Hancock Observatory with Lavazza > John Hancock Observatory, 875 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

360 degree panoramic views of Chicago.

Personally my favourite building in Chicago. What better way to view the city of Chicago than to do it over 1000 ft above Michigan Avenue at the John Hancock Observatory. The building proudly stands at 1502 ft including the stunning antenna which help make the tower one of the worlds most recognizable. It also lends a big hand in making the whole Chicago skyline recognized the world over.

Now boasting the newest in sightseeing technology only shared by one other place on the planet, the worlds largest building The Burj in Dubai. This technology allows you to view the city in all its glory whilst offering information on over 100 of Chicago’s hotspots. It also allows you to see the city day or night.

This should be the first place visited on any trip to Chicago. Not only the best way to get your barring in the city but also the best way to see all the things Chicago has to offer.

Drink it all in at Chicago’s highest cafe and bar.

The Cafe Espression is tallest coffee I have ever had without being on a flight. The coffee is fantastic which matches the views!

Awarded the Grand Award for Restaurant Design, Espression by Lavazza features a youthful, eclectic and contemporary design that glows with creativity, vitality and a touch of glamour.

Lavazza has a huge menu to choose from. You could keep it classic and enjoy your favorite coffee or you can treat yourself with some luxurious espresso mixed with nuts, brittle, fruit, cream and much more. I went for the Espression Nocciolato which was phenomenal. It was an espression topped with Nutella, Hazelnuts and whipped cream. If your feeling adventurous then you have to try something from the Expression’s Innovations menu. I tried the espresso by Ferran Adria which is a creative espresso that you can eat! In 2006 it was the Time Magazine invention of the year! If you’re not up for a coffee they have a huge selection of chocolate drinks along with a vast menu of shakes, smoothies and cold coffees.

They also  have a fantastic food menu serving sandwiches, salads and desserts of the highest quality. And to top it all off they have just opened up their bar menu of wines, beers and alcoholic coffee for those wanting an extra high.


(All photographs taken by Matthew Comer unless otherwise stated. Portraits of Matthew courtesy of Leah Mitchell. Music courtesy of Me Vs Hero)

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  1. Matt,
    I am so glad you had the opportunity to see Chicago from the Hancock Observatory – one of the best places in Chicago to take pictures.


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