Ep.16> Joliet Museum & Correctional Centre

Joliet Area Historical Museum > 204 Ottawa St. Joliet, IL 60432

A fantastic journey into Americana. I had heard of Joliet before thanks to the amazing Blues Brothers band and movie. In the movie they show the Joliet Correctional Centre and after getting my photo with ‘Joliet’ Jake Blues & Elwood Blues, Elaine the gift shop manager hooked me up with some easy directions to get there! This museum really does show you why Joliet gave Route 66 its kicks back in the day. But not just from the recent history but from way back when too. Did you know that Charlie Chaplin made some of his silent movies here? No? neither did I! But thanks to the Joliet Museum…. I do now 🙂

Have a glide through the photographs I got. They show you some of the things they have to offer.

Joliet Correctional Center > Joliet, IL

Now this is a place I’ve always wanted to see. After growing up watching The Blues Brothers with my dad, I had to go here to take photographs for him. The place is amazing! It’s like a castle and you can see why this is the setting for movies and tv shows. It’s the best looking prison I have ever seen. Although the tower block prison in Chicago’s skyline is interesting too. I’ll post this in later posts. What has been shot here? Well two major things I’d like to mention The Blues Brothers and the first season of Prison Break. Not bad for a small town off Route 66.


(All photographs taken by Matthew Comer unless otherwise stated. Portraits of Matthew courtesy of Leah Mitchell. Music courtesy of Me Vs Hero)

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