Ep.17> The Launching Pad, Wilmington IL

The Launching Pad Drive-In > 810 E. Baltimore Street, Wilmington Illinois 60481

I wish I had more time at this diner. It was fantastic. Exactly the type of thing I love about the American open road. Independently owned diners that’s have been around for years and still serve travelers. By the time I had arrived here my tummy told me that I was still full from Lou Mitchell’s yet there was a little hole to fill. So after following the advice of the lovely owners I went for the Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae. And wowzer it was gooood.

While I was there I met up with the editor of Free Press in Wilmington, IL who did a little interview and took a quick photo (below) and was great to meet. It’s me and my Corvette in front of the Gemini Giant which will be my next post! Check out the photos and the video below.


(All photographs taken by Matthew Comer unless otherwise stated. Portraits of Matthew courtesy of Leah Mitchell. Music courtesy of Me Vs Hero)

Next post > Gemini Giant

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