Ep.27> Doc’s Soda Fountain, Deck’s Drug Store

Doc’s Soda Fountain, Deck’s Drug Store > Girard IL

This was a nice surprise. I expected to visit this place and have one of their famous Soda Fountain Ice-Creams, which I did, And I must say it was fantastic. I could quite easily get addicted to those things but that wasn’t all. Inside this little diner was Deck’s Drug Store. A drug store from 1884 which is now a museum and has been passed down for three generations of the Decks family. The Deck Brothers (Bill & Bob) were there to show me around and after I awhile I grew quite close to them. Bill gave me a few very rare souvenirs including a wooden nickel and some old labels from their medicine bottles which I loved. He joked ‘we are out of arsenic’ 😀

Next door they have what I can only describe as a very good thrift store where I got a few bargains!

As a thank you I gave Bill a quick spin in the Corvette around the corner and back. Take a look at the video!


(All photographs taken by Matthew Comer unless otherwise stated. Portraits of Matthew courtesy of Leah Mitchell. Music courtesy of Me Vs Hero)

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