More About Me

I am a photographer born in Manchester UK and I have a background in fashion and music. My passion is in travel and the exploration of the American Landscape. I am obsessed with all things American and specifically the American road culture. I collect photographs from the US and exhibit them in the UK to encourage people to go to America and explore. I am regularly in the press for my love of the American landscape and displaying my work to huge crowds of people. In 2009 I did an 11,000-mile road trip and fell in love with the American roads and everything they had to offer.

In 2010 I am now the first ever Illinois Route 66 Ambassador, a huge honour for me. I will explore everything there is and show everything there is on this blog! You need to follow this. You do not want to miss it.

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  1. Hi Mathew
    Your trip down the Ilinois part of Route 66 is very interesting as my company is the oldest established UK motorcycle tour operator running Rte 66 motorcycle tours in the US. We are also the only UK motorcycle tour operator to run the approved Harley-Davidson Rte 66 tour. Our US guide Gary is a Rte 66 fanatic and has ridden the whole route over 40 times (and you know how long it is!). It would be great if you could meet up with him as I think you two would have plenty to talk about over a beer! – his Gary’s email is

    Good luck and hope to hear from you,




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