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Welcome to Chicago / Mercadito

Hey Everyone

The time is finally here!

I am finally in Chicago, IL and I am so excited!

I have seen my schedule for my stay and trust me there is a lot to look forward to. You can follow my journey here and during my time here I will post more – blogs about the places I visit and the people I meet. I’ll also include things which may not be seen on my schedule.

Mercadito Chicago108 W Kinzie Street, Chicago, IL 60654, Tel: 312.329.9555

What a way to start this monumental trip with the most monumental mexican food I have ever tasted in my life.

The people who know me best know that I can’t live with out mexican food. But this is no normal mexican restaurant.

The interior is flawless. The dark mood lighting and loud atmosphere creates a buzz in the air. When your here you feel like your eating with everyone in the restaurant and that your all sharing each others food. Which in a way is exactly what it is. Think along the lines of mexican tapas.

The cocktails are nothing I have ever tasted before. Unusual flavors and interesting presentation.

The food here is beyond fresh and there is a huge choice available.

We ordered lots of different items from the menu and all sampled each others choices. It was exciting to hear everyone’s opinions and to try things you’d never expect to be coupled together.

I recommend the tradicional guacamole with tortilla chips. It’s a tasty and hot guacamole with a nice kick.

My favorite dish though was the Mahi Mahi ceviche. They were out of this world. I am not a fish lover but Mercadito has changed that forever.

The perfect start to the perfect journey.


(All photographs taken by Matthew Comer unless otherwise stated. Portraits of Matthew courtesy of Leah Mitchell. Music courtesy of Me Vs Hero)

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